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Dimitrios Papageorgiou has been the #AmmonZeusHotel chef since 2016! Following this year’s renovation, the hotel has been taking a new direction towards offering more sophisticated culinary concepts, finer ingredients as well as a dazzling presentation of our very own recipes that so far has been much appreciated by our devoted clientele.

Dimitrios Papageorgiou maintains an experience of more than 25 years working at hotel restaurants across the country. He is a member of the Hellenic Chef Association and specializes in Mediterranean dishes with a strong influence from Italy.

How long have you been working at the Ammon Zeus Hotel?

I initialy started working at the Ammon Zeus Hotel in 2016! It truly is an amazing hotel and I am very happy to be working in conjunction with such a professional team and especially the hotel manager, Mrs. E. Psychopoulou.

How do you feel about the recent hotel rennovation?

I strongly feel that both the architects and the interior designers have done a fantastic job in terms of re-imagining the hotel and bringing it closer to the 21st century. The decoration is extremely modern, colours and lines are very finesse and stylish! It truly is a vacation paradise.

In your opinion, what role has the hotel renovation played into the enhancement of the culinary concepts of the Ammon Zeus restaurant? 

A combination of high quality ingredients with a very stylish recipe presentation. All of our plates are being presented to our clientele through our brand new, sophisticated beaufeut tables, complimented with bright colours that tend to inspire & ignite the feelings of our customers. It is not a rare site to witness restaurant visitors taking photos of our plates & beaufeut tables on a daily basis.

What were the decisive factors that pushed you towards the direction of becoming a hotel chef?

I begun working in the restaurant industry when I was 15 years old. I have always been extremely fascinated with food which is what initially convinced me to focus my studies towards becoming a chef. I always found great excitement in cooking for others and waiting to hear their opinion about the food. This is certainly a sensation that can be comprehented exclusively by a cook. Being a good chef is extremely stimulating. It gives you a unique connection with your clients. It is pure magic.

Are you passionate about the region of Chalkidiki? Do you often find yourself using local ingredients for the development of your recipes? At what degree is your work being influenced by the  unique culture of Northern Greece? 

Even though I am originally from Crete- I do believe that Chalkidiki is a magical place that I have been very passionate about since I begun working here last summer. Local Chalkidiki ingredients are of a very high quality and I do enjoy cooking by sourcing products from the whole region of Nothern Greece.

In general, I strongly believe that Greek products are of the finest quality and all Greek chef’s should be encouraged on using them instead of sourcing foreign products. At the Ammon Zeus Hotel all of our plates are being made with local ingredients, using recipes from Chalkidiki as well as all over Greece.  I am personally a strong advocate of Greek cuisine. I believe that despite the sun and sea, Greek cuisine is also one of the strongest advantages that our country has to offer.

What are your favourite ingredients when cooking at the Ammon Zeus Hotel?

The extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables as well as fresh herbs. I also enjoy cooking using traditional Greek ingredients such as different varieties of Greek white cheese as well as yogurt. I always challenge myself coming up with new recipes with yogurt as a main ingredient. I always use yogurt instead of cream and greek white cheese instead of foreign yellow varieties.

In your opinion, what are the factors that set the hotel restaurant apart from your main Chalkidiki competitors? 

I enjoy competition because I feel that it tends to make me stronger! I think what sets the Ammon Zeus Hotel restaurant apart from competition is the fact that we only cook using natural, fully fresh ingredients, sourced from local producers and implemented exclusively into Greek-inspired recipes.

In your 25 year’s of career what has been your main source of inspiration?

My passion for cooking begun when I was little child. I’ve always had this image inside my head that Greek people enjoy good food and this is a philosophy that I have chosen to live by ever since. Combining modern culinary concepts with traditional recipes is something that excites me. It is always possible to develop a gourmet plate using only natural local ingredients such as fish, meat or any other Greek product. I am generally a fan of modern Greek cuisine.

What is your favourite recipe at the Ammon Zeus Hotel and the one you tend to recommend the most to your clients? 

As a chef, naturally, there are many recipes that I am passionate about, however the one that I usually recommend the most to our clients is the seafood paella. This recipe offers a combination of various seafood such as mussels, prawns, squids, octopus as well as fish fillet, wine, onions, saffron, peppers, pumpkins, thyme and parsley. This plate is called seafood paella at the beaufeut, however inside my head I will always be calling it the fisherman’s recipe.

What about your client’s? What is their favourite recipe?

The Ammon Zeus restaurant clients tend to be very picky and sophisticated. They enjoy traditional Greek recipes such as lamb and the Ammon Zeus mousaka, Greek Salad, tzatziki and fresh augberine salad, cheese salad, souvlaki etc.

The Ammon Zeus Hotel offers a unique combination of modern & traditional Greek recipes, exclusively cooked with 100% virgin olive oil. I am very happy of being a part of such an amazing, contemporary hotel as it has been an exciting challenge for me to move out from Crete and come work at Chalkidiki and the Ammon Zeus.

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