The Ammon Zeus Inception and Chronicles


The Myth of the Ammon Zeus

Built during the 1960s, the Ammon Zeus Hotel was among the very first holiday accommodations to begin operating in the now famous Peninsula of Chalkidiki. The land on which the hotel sits was originally owned by Mount Athos. At the time it was serving as the Russian Monastery of St. Panteleimon. You can still see the remains of the homonymous chapel as well as a Medieval style wall that have stood since 1860.

During the excavation for the hotel, the owners stumbled upon what came to be one of the most important antique monuments in northern Greece. The remains of the Temple of Ammon Zeus, built during the 4th century B.C. This was the inspiration for the hotel’s illustrious name.


The Ammon Zeus Hotel is the only hotel in Greece that has been developed adjacent to an ancient temple. Often dubbed as one of the most important antiquity monuments of Northern Greece, the temple of the Ammon Zeus was originally a sanctuary of Dionesus and the Nymphs.

In the Hellenistic Age, the temple was reconstructed and became a sanctuary of the double Egyptian – Greek god, Ammon Zeus, a deity worshipped even by Alexander The Great himself, who considered the Ammon Zeus as being his true divine father.

The remainders of the temple were revealed in the 1960s during the excavation for the construction of the hotel. With respect to the cultural heritage and historical significance of the temple, the Ammon Zeus Hotel management considers the protection and maintenance of the temple an absolute priority- it is after an integral part of the Ammon Zeus Hotel identity since the very first day of its inception.


The Genesis: 1960s

Construction works for the development of the Ammon Zeus Hotel begins in the location of the Russian Orthodox Monastery of St. Panteleimon. Excavations for the hotel reveal the remainders of an ancient temple.

The Ascention: 1990s

The Ammon  Zeus Hotel reaches its peak throughout the decades that follow, having managed to become established as one of Chalkidiki’s most iconic hotels and a local landmark for the area of Kallithea.


The Escalation: 2000s

Chalkidiki becomes an international destination and the Ammon Zeus Hotel welcomes guests from all over the world. The hotel remains a popular destination for travellers, but the need for renewal soon becomes paramount.

The Revival: 2018

Renovation constructions begin in 2016 and are finished in 2018. The Ammon Zeus Hotel turns into a prestigious, boutique accommodation, perfectly fitted for those seeking affordable luxury vacations at the heart of Chalkidiki.



On a sun-drenched eastern tip of the Kassandra Peninsula, our organic stretch of coastline is a heart-warming place surrounded by pine trees and the eternal cerulean colors of the Aegean Sea.

As one of the most easily accessible locations in Chalkidiki, the Ammon Beach provides relaxing vibes, sun kissed golden sand, and crystal clear water. Our impeccable services for both hotel guest and visitors are unmatched.

The Ammon Beach has been awarded a Blue Flag for a series of years having been counted among the cleanest and most well-organized beaches in the world. Since 2018, the brand-new Greco’s Sea Food Restaurant serves as the main beach caterer providing exquisite seafood specialities along with cocktails, coffee and drinks. Sun lounges are available free of charge for hotel guests. Water skis, jet skis and pedal boats are available for rent.

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