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Founded during the 1960s, the #AmmonZeusHotel has long been a landmark of cosmpolitanism at the heart of Kallithea, the metropolitan centre of #Kassandra, the primary peninsula of #Chalkidiki. The area of the hotel was originally part of the Russian Orthodox Monastery of “Agios Panteleimon”, a branch of #MountAthos.

During the construction of the hotel, the ancient Greek temple of the “Ammon Zeus” was excavated within the borders of the property lot, giving the hotel its current name. The #AmmonZeusTemple has been characterized as one of the most important archeological sites in Northern Greece. Since early antiquity, it is believed that the temple was considered an important religious centre for the surrounding communities, probably one of the most important Zeus sanctuaries of the Greek world.

The temple 10×20 has a Doric style, with huge pillars made of local stone. It is believed that the main worship site was destroyed in the 3rd century BC by Galatian hordes. Remains of the temple are noticeable today right next to the hotel but are difficult to discern.

The area is frequented by visitors during nights with a full moon and especially during the ritual of the famous “August Full Moon” a night that has been traditionally celebrated all over Greece.

During further excavations at the area of the santctuary, it was revealed that the temple was originally a shrine of god Dionysus, who was celebrated along with his nymphs on a nearby cave.

It is important to note that the #AmmonZeusHotel was one of the very first large hotel complex that were built in the area of Chalkidiki and played a vital part on the touristic development of the region. The hotel plage of the #Ammon Zeus was an iconic destination for both Greek & international visitors alike as well as an important meeting spot for the local community.

This year, #AmmonZeus has been completely renovated in an effort to embrance a new direction towards a bright & succesful future. The hotel renovation was planned & implemented by Lina Psychopoulou and the well-known office of architects Archigraph. The new style of the hotel is characterized by pure minimalism- bright colours combined with a natural ambience that matches perfectly with the local environment and the medieval stone that decorates the lobby of the hotel- and has remained there ever since the original development of the Monastery in 1800.

It is worth to note that all 126 rooms of the hotel have been completely renovated in an effort to upgrade both the accommodation & amenities of the property. From your room you can enjoy the panoramic view of the gulf whilst enjoying your drink and listening to the waves and the mythical song of the birds.

The hotel, based on its current form, is considered an ideal choice for both families, couples, young adults & even elders. Due to it’s perfect position, #AmmonZeus is located only a heartbeat from some of the most famous nightclubs & beach bars of Chalkidiki. The nightlife of Kallithea is considered being amongst the most intense in all over Greece and is definetely worth a try.

While being in our Hotel you can visit the Russian church where you will have the opportunity to see very interesting wall paintings of Russian Saints. This church was built in 1865 in order to pay tribute to the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon which was located in Mount Athos. Since then the church has remained in the property of Ammon Zeus Hotel.

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