The Greek Marble Initiative at the Ammon Zeus Hotel / Establishing our Boutique Hotel as an Art Destination!

The Ammon Zeus Hotel first large scale art exhibition took place within the premises of our hotel this August, signaling the beginning of a new era for our hotel where high quality accommodation and art go hand by hand.

The exhibition, which is still available for viewing, was a result of a collaboration between our hotel and the Greek Marble Initiative Project organized by Stavros Muronidis and Myro Gallery of Thessaloniki.

Featuring artists at the Ammon Zeus Hotel include Givi Michailidis, Gabriel Andronikidis as well as the renowned international artist Edward Fleming along with Sherry Tipton.

The most recognizable masterpiece at the exhibition is by far the award winning statue designed by Gabriel Andronikidis and with a pricelist of 120.000€. All statues featured within the premises of our hotel are strategically positioned in an effort to mix & match with the interior design as well as the natural environment including the presence of the sea, which is at the very heart of all our Ammon Zeus Hotel elements.

The hotel management is looking forward to host many other similar exhibitions in the near future in an effort to establish the Ammon Zeus Hotel as a luxury hotel art destination in its own right.

The exhibition is open for hotel as well as external guests for the whole remaining of the summer season!